How do we use cookies at Sherpas?

Cookies are used by all websites on the Internet. More about which Cookies and which types of Cookies are available:

Non-intrusive cookie warning
Our cookie warning is non-intrusive which means that if you visit our website for the first time you will see our cookie information. If you have recently visited our website and accepted cookies, a new warning about the use of cookies will not appear again until after 30 days.

What is a Cookie?
Cookies do not identify you. They are linked to the browser used to visit our websites. We use Cookies to improve our website and for marketing purposes. Use of our website means that you accept how we use cookies. Cookies can be deleted and/or turned off in your browser. We cannot turn off Cookies for you. If you want to delete or turn off Cookies and use multiple devices and/or browsers, you will need to perform these actions on each of them.
You can find more about how to delete or turn off Cookies here:

Improvement of our website
If cookies are turned off in a browser, the experience on our website will not be optimal. This is because we use first-party cookies (our own) to improve usability and make the user experience better for everyone who uses our website. We also use cookies to compile statistics about the traffic on and to the website. There we use third-party cookies (Google Analytics).
More about Google Analytics:

For marketing purposes, we may for a limited time use other third party cookies (Google Adwords and LinkedIN) so that third parties can determine what may be of interest to our visitors and place advertisements, for which we pay, on their own or their partners' websites for our services and solutions.

Your rights and choices

You have rights regarding your personal data and you have the opportunity to influence your information and what is saved. The company will, on its own or the customer's initiative, correct information that is found to be incorrect. You can also at any time request that your data be deleted or that its use be restricted by contacting us (for contact methods see the heading "Contact us). If you believe that your rights are not respected by us, please contact us or you can get in touch to the data inspectorate.

You can opt out of receiving marketing communications from us at any time by contacting us or by unsubscribing from further email communications that we send you. You are always welcome to contact our help desk for help in opting out of our communications.


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