Sherpas Basecamp™

An intranet based on SharePoint Online together with a number of modules that we developed to create the modern workplace. Ready to use!

What is SharePoint online?

SharePoint Online is a platform within Microsoft 365 that provides a wide range of collaboration capabilities that allow organizations to manage, access and share information from any type of device.

With SharePoint Online, companies can adopt an agile approach to collaboration internally and externally. It simply has the potential to become your digital workplace.

SharePoint Online and our packaged solution Sherpas Basecamp, creates a central place for news, correspondence, complete document management, guidelines, agreements, routines, internal culture and knowledge dissemination just as companies want it.

Simply put, a modern intranet.

What is included in Sherpas Basecamp?

Responsibility calendar

Who is responsible for what, this day, week or month. With a responsibility calendar, you can plan ahead of time what, for example, a daily schedule should look like. Information about your employees is retrieved from your user directory in Azure-AD.

Communicate with everyone

You and your team will communicate sleeplessly about news, updates in working methods and about documents in Basecamp. In addition, the right information will reach the right target group through smart target group adaptation.

Easy to use

Sherpas Basecamp is 100% mobile friendly. This means that the content is adapted based on the type of device and screen size you choose to log in with, including the smart functions that Office 365 offers in your browser.

Quick to get started

What used to take months can now take one to a few weeks. As Sherpas Basecamp is a packaged solution, we need a kick-off meeting with you to define which pages should be there. After that, our scripts do the work. And suddenly you have an intranet.

Customized design

Give us your graphic profile and your logos. Then it's done. We create pages and templates so that it is easy for your administrators to create content.

My apps

Let the user choose which applications they want to access from Sherpas Basecamp.

Personnel handbook

You finally get a place where you can gather all the information for your staff. Guidelines, benefits, to-do lists, instructions, etc.

Leave application

With our leave application, you get the opportunity in Basecamp to apply for, grant and deny leave. You also get an overview of who is absent from the organization.

Information notices

Is it something that is urgent, limited in time and must reach everyone? A completed module that displays this as a banner on all pages within the intranet.

Contract management

A place to manage your contracts. Be reminded when it's time to renegotiate. Procedures for approval. Everything is in Sherpas Basecamp.

Modern search function

We have further developed an improved search functionality for SharePoint Online. Our own solution for "Search" gives you better opportunities to find the right information by tailoring your search experience.


How do you want your employees to enter the company. With Sherpas Basecamp, you get an opportunity to take Onboarding to the next level.

Here you can see a video recording regarding the intranet, best viewed in full screen!

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