Integration between eDOCS DM & Microsoft Teams/SharePoint Online

CoDOCS is the most powerful integration tool for connecting Open Text eDOCS with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.

This means that you can combine all the functions and power of eDOCS DM with the ease of use and flexibility of Microsoft Teams.

Since its introduction, Microsoft Teams has impressed users with its many features, abundant integration options and close connection to Microsoft 365. However, the widespread implementation of the powerful platform has raised many questions about the best practices for using and managing MS Teams. When organizations use eDOCS as their document management solution, the discussion often begins about integrations.

We recommend using Microsoft Teams as the user interface when working with documents because of Teams' intuitive interface and great features. We believe that eDOCS is an excellent long-term solution for document management.

Let coDOCS facilitate the integration between eDOCS and Microsoft Teams and improve your document flow and way of working.

There are two versions of the solution, when should you use CoDOCS and when should you use CoDOCS light

As previously mentioned, coDOCS provides the eDOCS user with full continuous synchronization of files between Microsoft Teams and eDOCS. However, in some projects or teams, it is only necessary to secure and save documents in eDOCS at the end of a project or before closing or removing a team. In these cases, coDOCS light is the tool to use. coDOCS light is a user-friendly tool that secures all the folders and documents you want when you want them safe in eDOCS.


Use coDOCS when your requirements are for the documents to be accessible both in Teams and eDOCS, and you want continuous synchronization between them.

Use coDOCS light when it is enough to copy and secure documents and files in eDOCS when needed.


coDOCS is a unique solution that builds a bridge between Microsoft Teams and eDOCS. With coDOCS, files and folders are continuously synchronized regardless of whether you work in Teams or eDOCS. coDOCS should be used when files and folders must be up-to-date and accessible both in Teams and eDOCS.

It gives you an ultimate solution to take advantage of Microsoft 365 features such as document collaboration while enjoying the security of eDOCS as a long-term document management solution.

All files in the eDOCS documents tab are automatically synchronized to eDOCS. The files/folders in Teams are transferred to public folders in eDOCS. The default folders are named after the teams.

The permissions in eDOCS inherit the permissions of the team. This also means that when you remove a user from a team, the user's permissions to the documents in the team are removed.

When you edit a document in either Teams or eDOCS, it can be locked in the other system.

coDOCS light

CoDOCS light is a perfect solution for copying and securing documents from Microsoft Teams to eDOCS when an eDOCS user wants it. It is designed to be easy to use and should be used when documents reach "final version" or at the end of a project.

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