Current situation analysis

All organizations need to develop. ​

Current situation analysis is a powerful tool to ensure that the right development is carried out in the right way. We have the skills and experience to help you focus resources on the right areas to strengthen the organization's competitiveness and well-being. ​

Are you thinking about whether you are really working in the best way in your organization? You should.

An important and sometimes difficult part of running a successful organization is daring to question established working methods. For various reasons, it is often difficult to carry out that evaluation yourself. It may be because the area is outside the organization's core competence, you shouldn't actually be the best at everything. But it can also be a consequence of home blindness. If you have always worked in a certain way, it is difficult to see how or why it should change. ​

Why not ask someone who knows? We have seen and done most things within our areas of competence and can help you through what we call a current situation analysis.

See examples of the areas in which we can offer current situation analysis below.

Information security

Most people have heard that information security is important. However, our experience is that many organizations have difficulty knowing why it is important and how it should be put into practice. ​

Information security is a broad term. The most obvious is that it is about protecting the organization's information so that it does not end up in the hands of unauthorized persons. This is of course very important and an obvious part of information security work. ​

What many do not think about is that there is also an operational and directly beneficial aspect of information security. How long can you manage without access to the information in your business system? Or the document management system, e-mail or other things needed for daily work? ​

A well-functioning information security work helps you answer those questions and, prioritize the resources where they are most needed so that you never have to be without the information you need. ​

With a current situation analysis in the area of information security, we will help so that you know how well equipped you are and what you should do to streamline the allocation of resources and increase security.

IT Security

How secure is your organization? Just answering that question requires a lot. Being secure enough requires even more. ​

IT security covers a large number of different areas, both technical and operational. As an organization, it is difficult, and in most cases not resource-efficient, to keep track of everything without help from outside the organization. ​

We've got it figured out. Whether it is about the technical security of servers, backup management, registry logging, employee training or password settings. Current situation analysis for IT security is a flexible way for you as an organization to get a clear description of which weaknesses exist in your IT security and, mainly, what you should do to secure them. ​

Document management

Do you have the organization's documents in order? Do employees know where, how and when to save documents, how to link them to each other and how and when to archive them?​

Maybe you don't know the answer to these questions, but know that it is important. Document management in an organization can quickly become unmanageable and difficult to work with. A common situation is that there are several versions of the same document in different places, which risks leading to incorrect information or incorrect decisions. Another consequence of the mess can be that employees simply cannot find the information they need to know. ​

We help you make a current analysis of how your document management looks today and which concrete decisions and activities need to be taken to ensure efficient and effective management of the organization's documents. ​

Microsoft 365

Are you maximizing the benefits of Microsoft 365? Our guess is that you're not even close. ​

Regardless of which license level you have chosen, there is a large amount of features to use. By starting from the needs of your business, we help you navigate the apps, services and functions. It can be about finding system support that simplifies a work task, a setting that increases security or an app that can replace a more expensive or less efficient system you use today. ​

Are the various apps and advanced settings you pay for not for you? Perhaps you do not need the license level you have chosen and can reduce costs for the organization without having to compromise on the benefit. Such change can save a lot of money that the organization can use in other areas. ​

A current situation analysis for Microsoft 365 gives you security that the money is being spent correctly and a guide to system support you already pay for that can support needs in the business.

How will it happen? In brief as below.


We go through how you work today through interviews with selected roles and a review of existing documentation and/or systems.​

Based on the analysis, we provide an assessment of your current situation in various areas.

Action list

With your current situation and your ambitions as a starting point, we draw up an action list that describes what we recommend that you prioritize. ​

You can then work on the action list yourself or get help from us to move on.

Fixed price

Predictability regarding costs for IT-related projects is unusual. Therefore, we want you to know from the start what a current situation analysis costs. We also ensure that the analysis only takes a few hours of your time. ​

Contact us for a quote and feel confident that you will receive a concrete and affordable delivery.

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