Information Management

The hidden secret to success.

Information Management is the principles for how documents, information and knowledge are handled within your company.

We help you by formalizing activities around access, management, policies and lifecycle management. All so that the right information reaches the right person.

With a strategy around IM, organizations can increase the value of their information and use it for increased productivity, reduce the time it takes to find the right information and thus gain a significant competitive advantage.

We have created nomenclatures, taxonomies, adapted retention policies, migrated / cloudified entire file servers, provided knowledge and services to help companies finally get a structure on their documents.

Over the past decade, organizations and businesses have experienced significant growth in the amount of information they generate and maintain themselves.

That information together with several different technical platforms makes it increasingly complex. Many people talk about the fact that up to 80 percent of the documents and information pages that exist in your company are on platforms that no one maintains or feels responsible for.

We agree that it sounds neither wise nor efficient.

Where to start?


  • Review all the places where you save documents.

  • Acquire a platform that supports metadata, profile cards, versioning and document policies.

  • Meet at a workshop to define the types of information you have within your organization.

  • Move or integrate information/documents so that they can be classified according to your way of defining and searching for information.

  • Train and make the information available to your employees.

What it will contribute


  • Improve productivity. Make it easy for employees to find the knowledge or insight they need.

  • Improve security. Ensure your employees are always using the latest knowledge, policies and procedures.

  • Knowledge you can trust. Your strategy and knowledge management system should act as the source that employees can trust.


Lack of control over how information and documents are created, updated and stored causes serious quality deficiencies.


When there are multiple platforms to save the documents in, it often results in multiple versions of the truth. It can have a negative impact on cross-departmental coordination, resulting in misinformation or, in the worst case, wrong decisions.


To be valuable, information must first be useful. If employees cannot access the relevant, contextual information they need to do their jobs, they will be less productive.

In time

Managed information becomes useless if the information is not delivered on time, when it is needed.

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