About Sherpas

We have made almost every mistake possible in our quest to be called experienced.

Hopefully we can help you avoid similar mistakes.

This means advice on how best to approach questions about data, systems and digitalization and how best to make change happen.

We tend to say that carrying the map is one thing, having someone to show you the way is quite another.

Who are we?

Sherpas is one of the leading IT companies in our fields.

We are a staff-owned company with around fifty employees at our offices in Skellefteå (HQ) and Stockholm, where our business is impregnated by a friendly culture with short decision-making processes.

We help companies and organizations with business and operational development and develop our own software products.

Our customers are several of Sweden's and Scandinavia's largest and most interesting companies.

We know that modern technology can improve and streamline your way of working.

Why the name Sherpas?

To everyone, the word "Sherpas" is synonymous with mountain guides who guide adventurers towards the realization of their dream - to reach the top of the world's highest mountain.

Their reputation also includes their impressive work capacity, loyalty and friendliness towards those they assist.

By incorporating these qualities into our work as business consultants, system developers and IT consultants, we take inspiration from Sherpas.

In the same way that they carry their clients through challenging mountain ranges, we take on the role of guide and advisor to navigate through the complex terrain of business processes and digital solutions.

With a similar humility and determination, we strive not only to deliver results, but also to build strong relationships founded in loyalty and service. In this way, we fulfill our mission - to guide our customers towards success.

Who are you?

Companies' most talented people always show the way within the organization. Above all in the areas where we operate.

You can be at a small, large, public, private or public company and review classified information, be responsible for the flows working, quality, finances, production or the person who goes through Excel book after Excel book to complete the report to your client.

Our services and solutions ensure that you get the information you need when you need it, whether it is stored in the cloud, in a database, an ERP system or in a forgotten folder.

In addition to our consultants and the systems that come from our partners, we also have our own solutions that make it possible for organizations to do very ingenious things - also cost-effectively.

What leads us


  • We make the best solutions together. We build more thoughtful and efficient solutions when we collaborate with our customers.

  • If we look back, we help you run forward. If we can learn from historical information, we make better decisions in the future.

  • We must give you systems that can be developed by us, AND OTHERS, to produce the best results now and in the future.

  • Honesty lasts the longest. We are honest even though it can be difficult. This can sometimes result in us turning down assignments.

  • Everyone has to win. We must seek what is best for our customers, what is best for our employees and what is best for the Sherpas.

Passion for our purpose is essential

Sherpas is a place where our people are committed to what they do and have the opportunity to take that passion further. We have a responsibility to ensure that our colleagues have good lives overall, not just good experiences while they are in the office.

Do we sound like a workplace that would suit you? Get in touch with us, we are always looking for new people who can make our company better.

Work with us?

We are always looking for curious & interesting people who are not afraid of responsibility and are close to laughter.

Who do we help?

Lots of companies of different sizes and different industries. You can read more here

Sherpas Group AB

Skellefteå (Headquarters)
Skeppargatan 23, 931 29 Skellefteå
Exchange: +46 910 508 00

Exchange: +46 08 622 26 00

Support: +46 910 508 25
Email: info@sherpas.se

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