Analytics and data warehousing

In order for a company's operations to stay informed with the help of data, a Business Intelligence strategy and a Business Intelligence tool will most likely be needed.

It will make it much easier to finally make decisions that are not based on "I've been around for a long time" or "I know the industry".

From now on, you will deal with methodical collection and storage of data that provides opportunities for rapid reporting and analysis.

For us, Business Intelligence is the process of retrieving, disseminating and analyzing data in an organization to make informed decisions.

Our area of Analytics covers a wide range of techniques and methods. From how data is collected, washed, organized and analyzed, all the way to how results are reported.

Strategies and BI tools are used to answer how a company performed in the past and why results turned out the way they did.

Today, there are several different solutions for Analytics. Power BI is one, OsiSoft Pi another, SQL server with mainly Analysis Services a third.

About Power BI

Power BI is one of Microsoft's own BI tools. We like it.

The ability to connect to hundreds of data sources directly from the application simplifies the process of washing your data or preparing a model for others to use.

You create beautiful reports and then publish them within Power BI, in SharePoint or in Teams or, for that matter, directly in the system where you get the data from. The right people in your organization can consume and analyze them themselves, securely and also accessible. What we almost like the most about the application is "5 minutes to WOW!".

Everyone can quickly create personal reports and dashboards with a unique view of their business. Scalability? No problem. Security? No problem there either. Price? Better than you've ever experienced before.

About SQL Server

Analysis Services is an analytical data engine (Vertipaq) used in analytics and business analysis. It provides semantic data model capabilities for Business Intelligence (BI), data analysis and reporting applications such as Power BI, Excel, Reporting Services and basically every other data visualization tool available on the market. There are mainly two parts that we like and that you should consider:


  • Azure Analysis Services - Created as an Azure resource, Azure Analysis Services server resources support tabular models of 1200 and higher compatibility levels. DirectQuery, partitions, row-level security, bidirectional relationships, and translations are all supported. For more information, see What is Azure Analysis Services.


  • SQL Server Analysis Services - Installed as a local or VM server instance, SQL Server Analysis Services supports tabular models at all compatibility levels (depending on version), multidimensional models, data mining, and Power Pivot for SharePoint.

About OsiSoft Pi

The OsiSoft PI system enables digital transformation through trusted, high-quality production data.

Collect, improve and deliver real-time data from anywhere. Give your engineers and operators what they have been asking for for a long time. Accelerate the work of analysts and data scientists.

We mainly use Pi when it comes to process and production data. Why? System contains all parts needed and is trusted and used by several major companies we work with. We are of course certified and are happy to tell you more. How it works? Read more here:

 PI System - Connecting data, operations & people | OSIsoft

What these three solutions have in common is that they are the tools that we master best and thus recommend to our customers.

All three are powerful tools that offer a data analytics environment that can be seamlessly customized to meet the needs of your organization. Regardless of whether you need to retrieve data from the web, production systems, ERP systems, documents or applications, we can help. We think that all information should be democratized.

Give the data to your colleagues.

Make everyone data-driven!

Valutec and Analytics

- Sherpas has quickly and easily enabled us to get started with Power BI, says Jörgen Marcusson, CFO at Valutec.

Uniper and Analytics

The background to the project at Uniper is about better follow-up and analysis regarding condition control for hydropower facilities, but within the same part, the need for strategy and concepts regarding DW/Analytics as a whole is also highlighted.

Schneider Electric and Analytics

After years of Excel as the primary reporting tool, an overall need for analysis regarding finance, time, case and sales data arose. Work was started together with Sherpas to establish and develop a completely new model for Business Intelligence.

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