Nyhléns Hugosons and the ERP system

Nyhléns Hugoson's vision is to be the natural choice for all Norrland meal occasions. They become that by being the leading Norrland food company with a focus on their customers, their food craft and their Norrland farmers and growers. A prerequisite for success is that they constantly develop their organization, processes and, not least, create conditions for their employees to develop with the company. With this, a functioning ERP system is a minimum, and there the company has chosen to work with Sherpas around its ERP system based on Pyramid Business Studio.

A big advantage of Pyramid Business Studio is that everything they need is in one place. In addition, Nyhléns consists of several companies that are now all within the same system. It is very easy to use and has a variety of features that allow them to easily manage invoices and orders, track payments and report on their sales. In addition, Pyramid Business Studio gives the company the opportunity to adapt their orders and invoices according to specific needs and requirements. Nyhléns Hugosons has also integrated Pyramid against a number of systems with the help of Sherpas, which has given them a smoother process against all types of counterparties.

Sherpas assignment includes project management services, development, consulting services and training.

About Nyhléns Hugosons

Nyhléns Hugosons is Norrland's leading food producer, with its own production of locally produced meat and charcuterie products, chilled ready meals and potato products. They invest in developing and spreading the Norrland food craft. Together with their farmers and with the finest raw materials as a basis, they create Norrland food craftsmanship with pride and quality in every aspect.

The company has production facilities in Luleå, Skellefteå and Ullånger, and has a turnover of approximately SEK 650 million.

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