Whistleblowing - Reporting Misconduct

Starting from December 17, 2023, the new whistleblowing law will come into effect. Below, you can read more about how to submit a whistleblowing report to Sherpas.

Who can report misconduct?

In addition to employees of the company, others are also covered by the protection of the whistleblowing law. This includes interns, consultants, or others in a work-related context with the company.

What can you blow the whistle on?

You can report misconduct that you have obtained information about in a work-related context where there is a public interest in exposing the wrongdoing.

Examples of misconduct that you can report include corruption, bribery, conflicts of interest, misconduct affecting individuals' lives and health, serious forms of discrimination, and sexual harassment.

Enhanced protection

The new legislation provides enhanced protection for you as a reporter in such a way that information that could reveal your identity is protected by absolute confidentiality. Such information may include your name, address, phone number, position, workplace, or duties. Absolute confidentiality means that information about your identity must not be disclosed under any circumstances. It is expressly forbidden to try to identify a whistleblower. Only the few individuals appointed to handle the whistleblowing channel are allowed access to the information.


The person reporting misconduct should receive confirmation of the received report within seven days. Feedback on actions taken should be provided within three months.


Implementation of the EU Whistleblower Directive.

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If you want to report misconduct, please send your case to vissselblasare@sherpas.se .


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