Sandström & Pyramid

The challenges they faced

Sandström is a family business that has existed for several generations and thereby created a developed quality thinking in large and small ways.

At Sandström, they strive for continuous quality improvements at all levels and therefore a functioning ERP system is a minimum. Their success through generations of business is largely based on consistent innovation and quality thinking.

The company is primarily known for its boats. Around Sweden you can see them everywhere in both sea and lake. In order to maintain and strengthen its role in the market, the company, in close cooperation with Sherpas, has chosen to upgrade its ERP system based on Pyramid to version 4. A simplified description of the steps that would be carried out looks as follows:

• Preliminary study
• Review adaptations and current processes
• Review of the existing server environment
• Setup of new cloud environment
• Create test environment for Pyramid 4 in new environment
• Training of users
• Trial period
• Testing of flows and possible adaptations
• Follow-up

Mapping processes

The upgrade to the new version of Pyramid was preceded by a preliminary study where adaptations and all processes were mapped. In that work, it emerged that the business had some shortcomings in current system support and a potential for improvement and streamlining. In addition, it was found that reporting and follow-up could be developed within the framework of the project.

- A project of this kind, of course, requires everyone in the staff to be involved in the process itself. It is not possible to succeed if there is no commitment and an understanding of the work being done. Here I think that the staff, together with Sherpas, have succeeded in showing how commitment and knowledge are a strong contributor to enabling the streamlining and simplification of processes and operations, says Annika Sandström, Responsible for business systems at Sandström Innovation.

- The whole project also required a systematic and well-structured way of working. If I compare with other consultants we have worked with, it feels in that aspect that Sherpas did an extremely good job. We would never have gone through with this without their experience in Pyramid and production management. Now we have a significantly stronger platform and also a good starting point for further improvement and development of our processes and routines, Annika continues.

In Pyramid 4, the functionality behind the "FIFO costs" property for stocked items has received fundamental changes. The property means that for each delivery it is marked from which deliveries the cost is taken from. This happens automatically in the background and takes place according to the Fifo principle, i.e. first in, first out. This connection enables changes to the delivery such as adjustments or supplier invoices to also affect deliveries already made. There is a new routine for checking FIFO costs. This means a better control of the inventory and a more accurate monthly inventory value.

The new accounting center also shows all relevant financial data in a clear manner. Users can analyze balance and profit reports all the way down to supplier invoices as well as export the lineup and data to Excel. The accounting center is now the hub for all finances in Pyramid 4 and here all routines around accounts, departments, projects, objects, budgets, tax declarations, export of accounting etc. are collected.

The solution in brief:

• The company has Pyramid 4.14 as the ERP system for production and finance.
• In the project, Sandström also chose to move their environment to Sherpas Cloud Service for Pyramid. Business systems thus become accessible in a better and simpler way.
• The new system support creates a platform for an automated information and process flow, from order capture to delivery and reporting.
• Simplified production reporting to support different parts of the production process.
• Digitized measurement protocols simplify follow-up.

About Sandström

The company was founded in the early 1960s by the brothers Rolf and Arne Sandström, who mainly dealt with repairs and welding. The business expanded and became Utternbåtar, which also grew with a factory in Fällfors. In 1996 the brothers retired and sold the Uttern business name and brand to Brunswick. When Uttern was moved to Skelleftehamn at the turn of the millennium, Sandström Innovation was started in the former premises and with a new generation in management. In 2006, Sandström became a leisure boat brand.

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