Upgraded Pyramid for Guideline Geo

Sherpas has acted as project manager for the upgrade of the Pyramid Business Studio at Guideline Geo. The new platform creates the conditions for a new structured platform and provides lower total IT costs.

In order to meet cost savings and achieve full return from the investments that take place in the company's system environment, Pyramid Business Studio 4 is established in such a way that they started from standard functionality and added a few business-critical adaptations.

- We are of course very proud of the trust we received to carry out this important project together with Guideline Geo. We have had the privilege of working with Guideline Geo in recent years and I see this as proof of a well-functioning collaboration, says Mats Stenlund, CEO at Sherpas Group.

- Sherpas have shown great technical and procedural competence during our collaboration, says Mats Lundin, CFO at Guideline Geo AB. The complexity of the project with ERP harmonization of several operating companies into one operating company as well as the creation of an efficient system environment with standard functionality, has required Sherpas professional accompaniment. This combined with a local representation made the choice of Sherpas as a partner easy. Pyramid Business Studio will be one of our most important platforms, and will give us opportunities to streamline our operations based on improved access to information and simplified processes.

About Guideline Geo:

Guideline Geo develops, manufactures and markets geophysical instruments and software for subsurface investigations. The Guideline Geo group includes the well-known brands ABEM and Malå. The group works in four international market areas: Infrastructure - survey for new establishment and maintenance of existing infrastructure, Environment - survey of environmental risks and geological risks, Water - mapping and survey of water bodies and Mineral - efficient exploration. Guideline Geo's share is listed on NGM Equity in Stockholm.

For more information: https://www.guidelinegeo.com

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