Skoogs och Pyramid 4

Skoogs has chosen, together with Sherpas, to upgrade its ERP system to Pyramid version 4.


The main motivation for the upgrade process was to take advantage of new features in the latest version of Pyramid. "We chose to upgrade to get access to a completely new and modern interface and to be able to run Pyramid via the web," says Thomas Andersson, CEO at Skoogs.

A big advantage of Pyramid 4 for Skoogs is that they can flexibly adapt dialogs for different types of users so that they can work as efficiently as possible. The centers in Pyramid Business Studio are adapted to optimize the information in info boxes so that users can directly access the essential information they need about, for example, customers and suppliers without having to click into new tabs and other routines.

During the project, a customization overview was also carried out to remove the customizations that can now be replaced by Pyramid's basic functionality. Pyramid Version 4 also contains new nifty functions in the accounting center which for Skoogs holds together all parts related to finances and facilitates the administrative work.

Sherpas assignment included project management services, technical implementation and training.

About Skoogs

The family company Skoogs was founded in 1962/63 by Tage Skoog. The group, which is still owned by the founding family, is today called Skoogs Handels AB and has several brands with the main focus on fuels/energy, real estate and hotels. Within real estate, there is also a great deal of commitment to trade and shopping in and around the Småstaden shopping centre.

The group has approximately 80 employees and a turnover of approximately NOK 2.5 billion per year.

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